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A boutique strategic creative studio specializing in design-forward marketing and experiences for the built environment.

wisdom & wonder

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Our philosophy is centered around wisdom and wonder. As a fractional, scalable studio that thrives on seamless partnerships with businesses in the built environment, our strategy is rooted in wisdom, utilizing years of industry expertise and analytical insights, and our creativity is ignited by wonder. We believe in infusing new ideas and exploring alternative approaches to bring our partners effective and innovative marketing programs and experiences every time. 


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strategic marketing planning

budget development

team organization 

content management strategies

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creative direction

branding & positioning

partner management

content design

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brand communications strategy

campaign development

copywriting & content planning

PR partnerships


about the studio.

In name and spirit, the studio derives from the concept that innovation isn’t designed in isolation but cocreated through diverse perspectives and contributions across disciplines.


We work with companies as a collaborative and creative extension of the executive team. We can scale when and where needed by assembling the right cohort via our extensive network of creators and strategists. 

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how working with us

Purpose-driven, scalable approach
to every project. 

Our purpose is to be more than just a service provider; we aim to be an integrated partner. We tailor our approach and programs precisely to your creative and business goals.

The creative and strategic extension of your executive team.

We serve as your fractional marketing team comprising creative experts and strategists. Flexibility is crucial in today’s dynamic business environment, so we built our studio to scale when and where needed. 

Deeply-rooted built environment industry expertise.

We thoroughly understand the specific marketing requirements for the built environment. We offer valuable insights on design, strategic planning, immersive technology, and effective communication strategies.

innovation isn’t designed in isolation but cocreated through diverse perspectives and contributions. 

about the founder.

San Francisco

Shannon is your fractional CMO and executive creative director. As a results-driven leader with over 17 years of experience leading high-performance marketing and communications teams, Shannon has a proven track record of establishing and growing strategic marketing programs.

She is an influential and passionate marketing and visual communications executive dedicated to leveraging the power of strategy, thoughtful design, and storytelling to foster meaningful connections among people, places, and companies. Her business approach is leading with personability and levity; she is deeply committed to making a difference through her work and keen on taking ownership while inspiring others.

Before founding cocreated, Shannon was Senior Vice President of Kilroy, where she redefined the company’s corporate brand and directed the marketing programs for its ±15 million-square-foot operating portfolio and multi-billion dollar development pipeline. Prior to Kilroy, Shannon was the Director of Marketing for DES, an integrated design firm where she lead the corporate marketing strategy and business development program.



Founder; Creative Lead

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of work.

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I've had the pleasure of working with Shannon for the last 5 years in a fairly standard client and agency relationship. I can honestly say there's nothing "standard" about Shannon. She's a whipsmart, no BS, get sh*t done powerhouse. She is a true force of nature, and I have enjoyed every minute of our working relationship because of her honesty and passion for her work. While at coffee with another client the other day, my colleague said (unsolicited) "Shannon is the gold standard for her role in our industry." I couldn't agree more.

Derick Daily, Co-Founder & CEO
The Savage Bureau

Elevate your marketing by pairing strategy with a beautiful, well-informed program.

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